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Upper Brookville PBA News

Serious issues in the villages of Muttontown and Upper Brookville. Residents should be aware that Mayor Julianne Beckermann and Mayor Terry Thielen are considering withdrawal from their current contracts (which expire May 31st, 2011) with the Old Brookville Police Department. Click on the village to learn more.

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Dear Village of Upper Brookville Resident,

I am writing to inform you of a very serious issue in the Village of Upper Brookville. It has been brought to my attention that many village residents are still unaware that Mayor Terry Thielen is seriously considering withdrawing the village from its current protection contract with the Old Brookville Police Department and is considering contracting services with the Nassau County Police Department. 

In the Mayor’s most recent correspondence dated March 31, 2011 the Mayor makes it abundantly clear that this is not a reflection on the quality of our police service. The Mayor adds that this is strictly a “financial” situation. If that were true, why would the mayor be considering paying approximately 14% more for the less than personal services of the Nassau County Police Department? 

The most important function of any village, county, state or federal government is to ensure the safety of its citizens. Mayor Terry Thielen has apparently abdicated her responsibility in this regard and relinquished all authority in police matters to Village Trustees Michael Schwerin and Frank Russo. These trustees, with less than one year of experience on the police board and absolutely no police management experience, have decided amongst themselves that withdrawing from the protection of the Old Brookville Police Department would be, in their estimation, better for the residents of Upper Brookville. From all appearances, these two trustees are not acting in the best interests of their residents. These trustees, in their short, limited, and apparently uninformed tenure, have shown nothing but animosity and disdain for the men and women of your police department. Whatever the reasons for their personal vendettas, they should not be acting without the voices of the residents that elected them being heard. I believe that the safety of your family and your homes should not be held in the hands of some village officials, but rather in the hands of the residents of Upper Brookville. 

The men and women of your Old Brookville Police Department have served the residents of Upper Brookville for 62 years with integrity and professionalism. We offer the most personal and professional police service available on Long Island and do so at a rate substantially lower than any other police service and yet the Mayor and her Board are threatening these public servants with lay-offs. These are men and women with families, not a line item on a budget as your village trustees believe.

I have attached some factual data that I hope you will review. You have one of the most professional, well trained, and service oriented police departments in New York State and the current village administration wants to change that. On behalf of the men and women of the Old Brookville Police Department and this association, I would ask that you contact the Mayor to express your support to keep your Old Brookville Police Department and if possible please attend the next scheduled meeting for the Board of Trustees which will be held later this month. I thank you for your continued support. 



  • During the last four fiscal years and with the projected 2011-2012 tentative budget, the savings to the Village of Upper Brookville by having the Old Brookville Police as opposed to the Nassau County Police Department has been approximately $835,000. 
  • The annual tax rate in the 2011-2012 budget for the Old Brookville Police is 13.9% lower than the rate charged by the Nassau County Police Department. The Nassau County Police Department cannot offer the Village of Upper Brookville any discount off this rate.
  • The proposed tax rate increase for the typical Village of Upper Brookville household (home assessed at $1.9 million) would amount to approximately $300 dollars per year ($25 a month) for superior police service. (Refer to the attached mapping of residential burglaries in Nassau County for a reflection of that professional police service.) 
  • The PBA has agreed to negotiate with all 7 villages regarding future unfunded liabilities.
  • The representatives of Upper Brookville are not the lone voice advocating fiscal responsibility on the Board of Police Commissioners. They are the voice of inexperience. The experienced members of the Board have realized the cyclical nature of police budgets and have successfully maintained sustainable budgets for several decades.
  • The Old Brookville Police Department through stringent fiduciary oversight by its current administration has produced budget surpluses over the last few years. In addition, the Department has held or reduced all discretionary spending items in their last three fiscal year budget proposals. The increases contained in the current proposed budget reflect mandates that are either contractual or mandated by New York State. 
  • The Village of Upper Brookville has also considered utilizing the services of the Oyster Bay Cove Police Department who turned them down.
  • The Village of Upper Brookville is considering the services of the proposed Muttontown Police Department. This yet to be formed Department is being actively fought by the residents of Muttontown who like the residents of Upper Brookville were not afforded an opportunity to have their voices heard.
  • The Mayors of the Villages of Cove Neck and Laurel Hollow have experienced the change to Nassau County Police Department service and have or are about to return to the services of a village police force. The Mayor of East Hills is also seeking a village police force.
  • Who your Police Department is doesn’t matter……….until it does! 


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